Legal AI – What It Is Today.

Legal AI is a information source, with some opinion.  The purpose of this blog is to cover a many of the issues at the intersection of law and AI as possible.  For now that includes the effect of AI on the legal profession, the business of being lawyers. It will also cover the effect of AI on the justice system as a whole.  It will also consider the legal issues surrounding the adoption of AI software and eventually machines, such as regulations, apportioning liability, moral and ethical decision making that will be built-in to AI machines and software.  Of course, the future is largely unknown in this realm and we are only at the dawn of the commercial use of AI in the legal profession so many other issues will undoubtedly arise that are not easily predicted today.  We will cover those here as well.  

If you have an interest in writing on these topics, please contact us and let’s get educating lawyers and the public about these issues which as abstract as they are now, will be effecting all of us as the march toward pervasive AI continues.  

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